Foresoft Games: August 2012

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Just some basic Infos

Okay, nothing too special, but just for your Information:

  • There will be over 300 Monsters
  • You catch Monsters by taming them, which you can do by damaging them, feeding them and much more, then you will play a special Melody (You learn other Melodies throughout the course of the Game)
  • There will be Mini-Games
  • You can equip a Monster with up to three Items, which Items a Monster can equip is based on it's Physique (A necklace can only be equipped if a Monster has a neck, though there will be a few exceptions on that.)
  • You can breed Monsters, but to do that at least one of their Types must match. The child they become is either the species of the father or the mother.
  • Each Monster will have a Character, some Charactercombinations are not breedable and the combination decides the character of the Monster you get through breeding.
  • You can get ALL Monsters without trading with others, but some only through breeding or in-game-trading.
  • We will try to enable onlinetrading and onlinebreeding, but this is NOT final, since we have to look for the possibilities.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Monster Leader: The vast Sky, the deep Ocean and the wide Land

Monster Leader is our new Project.
We're currently mainly into planning, graphics and some scripting basics.

The Story

The world you'll enter now is a world filled with monsters, however, these monsters are part of everyone's daily life.
Everybody lives in harmony with them.

Your dream has always been to be a Master Leader, one of those, who are considered the best.
The most important day for fulfilling your dream lies ahead.

A while ago you had your sixteenth birthday, the day you become an adult, and today is the day they give out Leader Licenses for everybody who's sixteen and above.
Together with your best friend you will start your journey to make your dream real.

Be prepared for an adventure filled with new friends and fantastic monsters.

The Characters


Higashi is the male maincharacter of Monster Leader. His trademark are his Goggles.

His name comes from the japanese word for East, Higashi.

If you play as Minami, the female maincharacter, he appears as your Friend as an NPC you can battle from time to time. He loves adventures and has the dream to become a Master Leader, so he challenges the Head Leaders just like you.
He is courageous and cheerful and would ever give up. But he can get really angry if someone tries to harm his friends or monsters.

"If you have something to do, then you must do it! If you don't have anything to do... Then make me some Cupcakes!", to Minami, trying to cheer her up.


Minami is the female maincharacter of Monster Leader. Her trademark is the flower in her hair.

Her name comes from the japanese word for South, Minami.

If you play as Higashi, the male maincharacter, she appears as your Friend as an NPC you can battle from time to time. She loves adventures and has the dream to become a Master Leader, so he challenges the Head Leaders just like you.
She's a bit shy, but very reliable.

The Starters

The Starters are three monsters from which you choose at the beginning of your journey in the region of Skola.

Honeko - The Land-Starter

Basic Info
Habitat: Land
Type: Animal
Element: Fire

A stubborn little creature, but very loyal to those it likes. If it has a good dream or you pet it, it will start to purr. It's body has a high temperature that can reach up to 45°C, but if it gets higher something is not right with it. It's commonly not Fever it has then, mostly it just doesn't like the current circumstances or, for a positive example, is about to evolve. Males can be very lazy, while females can be very bitchy.

Name Origin
Ho means Fire, Ne comes from Neko, Cat and the Ko comes from Kodomo, child. All three are japanese words.

Garuby - The Sky-Starter

Basic Info
Habitat: Sky
Type: Bird
Element: Wind

Garuby cannot fly on it's own, so they get carried by their Evolutions in their swarm. The feathers on it's head are very sharp to prevent them from harm coming from behind, but they lose them during evolution. They love to sing with their whistle-like chirping.

Name Origin
Garuda + Baby = Garuby

Newtling - The Ocean-Starter

Basic Info
Habitat: Ocean
Type: Maritime
Element: Water

It lives in small swarms in lakes that are connected to rivers. They love to swim, but they are very slow. In fact, they are a little faster if they wiggle on land, but if you put them in mud, they are especially fast. They bury themselves into the bottom of their lake while sleeping. Sometimes they also bury themselves in mud, but often that leads to their death due to the mud hardening when it's drying.

Name Origin
Newt and Nursling