Foresoft Games: Just some basic Infos

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Just some basic Infos

Okay, nothing too special, but just for your Information:

  • There will be over 300 Monsters
  • You catch Monsters by taming them, which you can do by damaging them, feeding them and much more, then you will play a special Melody (You learn other Melodies throughout the course of the Game)
  • There will be Mini-Games
  • You can equip a Monster with up to three Items, which Items a Monster can equip is based on it's Physique (A necklace can only be equipped if a Monster has a neck, though there will be a few exceptions on that.)
  • You can breed Monsters, but to do that at least one of their Types must match. The child they become is either the species of the father or the mother.
  • Each Monster will have a Character, some Charactercombinations are not breedable and the combination decides the character of the Monster you get through breeding.
  • You can get ALL Monsters without trading with others, but some only through breeding or in-game-trading.
  • We will try to enable onlinetrading and onlinebreeding, but this is NOT final, since we have to look for the possibilities.

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