Foresoft Games: 2013

Monday, October 21, 2013

Starting our first official Wii U Game - The GoFundMe Campain

Since our current money ressources are quite limited we decided to start a GoFundMe campain to raise money for the Dev Kit and some additional stuff.
We hope to be able to get at least a bit of support through this, so that we can be sure we have the money, when it's needed in about half a year(since we can "test" the Dev Kit for that time).

What we will use the money for:

  • The Wii U Development Kit
  • A Computer fitting the task of programming for the game as well as producing the art
  • A monitor big enough to easily work with.
  • All the smaller equipment needed for the computer(mouse, keyboard, speaker & co)

You can also receive rewards if you donate:
No matter how much you donate, you'll be mentioned in the credits(Real- or Nickname).

  • 5 - 14,99€: You'll receive a card with a personal thank you message and an artwork selected by us.
  • 15 - 24,99€: You'll receive a card with a choosable thank you message and an artwork selected by us.
  • 25 - 99,99€: You'll receive a card with a choosable thank you message and a poster with artworks selected by us.
  • 125+ €: Limited to 10. You'll receive a handsewn plush from one of our main characters Taiyou or Tsuki(you can choose which) as well as a card with a choosable thank you message and a poster withartworks selected by us.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Amazing News

As of yesterday, 15th october 2013, we are officially Wii U Developers.
We got the mail from Nintendo, registered us as Foresoft, and now we're in.
Now we just need the money for the DevKit.
It feels like you've just beaten one of those 16 meter Titans...

So, what does this mean for the future?
Well, since Monster Leader is a very big project and we got our license way earlier than expected, we decided to pause it and start a new, smaller project first.
Actually, we already started this project, but only idea-wise.
This does not mean Monster Leader is dead, we love this project and we want to finish it, but it will take a lot of time to do that. We will still work on it a little, but our main focus will be the new project.

What is this new project?
I'm not that mean to just say we start a new project without telling you at least a little about it.
The title will be The Adventure of Taiyou-kun and Tsuki-chan. The genre will be Jump'n'Run.
You will get new abilities as you progress in the game, and you can choose with which of the two characters you play a level, both have different abilities and if you want to perfectly finish the game, you have to revisit levels with your new abilities and find paths you couldn't get to before.
It will have over 100 Levels.
I could tell you more, but it would be boring to give all the infos right away, right?

Friday, October 4, 2013

An advantageous win and what's to come

So, today it's me again, mobychan.
Since I won a Graphic Tablet (to be exact a Wacom Bamboo Pen & Touch including Manga Studio and Anime Studio) I now have a good possibility to create artworks for at least the important cast and monsters of Monster Leader.
Since our artist isn't with us anymore, every monster and character that got an artwork from her will get a new one and other important ones (maybe even all of them) will get theirs.

Additionally Minami will get a redesign, since her current outfit and style was more something our artist decided on, than the original design I made.
Currently I'm struggling with her hair design since the right idea didn't come to me yet.

I hope to be able to show you something visual soon^^

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Some Gameplay-Thingies

Phew, Convention away, time to write something new.
The thing we wanted to show isn't quite ready yet, it gave us some minor problems that are easy to solve, but take some time, so i wanna give you some other infos today.

First of all, i'm filling all the monsters with infos. All Monsters that are available in the game are already thought of, but they do need Monpedia entries, how will they evolve, their Hissatsu, Special Attacks, which Personalities they have in the wild etc, and that is what i do right now. And it progresses smoothly.

So, what about the Gameplay-Thingies mentioned in the title?
You know, Monsters have many abilities, and why should these only be usable in battle?
Depending on where you are, you might need a specific type of Monster outside of battle. There is a door, but it's frozen over? Bring a Monster that can use a Fire-Elemental Special Attack and let it melt the ice!
Small sprouts that can turn into vines you can climb? A Plant-Type Monster can help you there!
You might also need a Monster with sharp claws to cut something or with a Water-elemental Special Attack to make a bridge over a Lavariver and such things.
This will sometimes even be necessary to progress in the story.

"But what if there is such an obstacle, but my main team doesn't have a Monster that can destroy it?"
Sure, it would be annoying to change your team every time you wanna go somewhere, but you know what? If you destroyed an obstacle or created a path, it will stay there. You have to do all of this only once, it won't reset! So, yeah, you might have to change around the Monsters in your Team, but you can come back with your main Team and just venture forth, after creating your path!

So, next week, the thing we originally wanted to show will be ready, stay tuned!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Down to two

Since yesterday evening, our members decreased to two.
Draeron is out of this project.

How will this affect the Project?
To be honest, it won't affect anything. We won't have drawn Artworks anymore, but we make a 3D Game, so we don't need them at all. It was more like a Fanservice, since people like things like artworks (i love them, too, and have several artbooks of games), but everything works without them flawlessly.

All in all, we didn't even lose anything, but since we prioritize some other things above Monster Models, Weekly Monster will be on Hiatus for now.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Weekly Monster #4: Reigarasu

Okay, so this time we can even show you two pictures! One is the Artwork, the other the 3D-Model we will use In-Game!

The Model...
...and the Artwork, based on the model.

The Name Reigarasu means basically "zerocrow", and that is because it has zero swords. Well, why should it have a sword in the first place?
Well, its evolutions will have swords, but they will come at a later time.

They have extremely good eyes, at least at night, in the day they can't tell red from blue. They always wait until the perfect opportunity arises before they hit their prey, even if they have to watch it for hours. When the time comes, they dash down from their tree and kill it fast with their bladelike wings. Since their feathers are so sharp, theres almost no blood coming out from the wound.

Even though they are able to, in the wild they don't mate before evolution.

They never steal the prey from other Reigarasu, even though they are more of a lone wolf. That doesn't mean they live alone, actually, they do live in swarms, but more like a silent agreement of peace.

When it's day, they normally sleep, and even though their habitat is the sky, their nests are underground. They build them in small hills by shoveling holes into them and then disguising them with branches.

So, nothing really more to say about them, but i hope you like them, see you next time!

Thursday, August 22, 2013


Problem: We want to have spacious dungeons and such. But what can be done so that it won't get to monotonus?

Answer: The Side-Thought-System!
Okay, bye until next time!

Just kidding, of course i will explain what that is.
Even though there will be different Monsters in every place and dungeon, at a certain point, you will have seen them all. Also, it's just walking, then battle, walking, battle, over and over again until you reach a city or the next point in the storyline. Well, that's the nature of RPGs, so nothing much to change there.
So, how do we get a little more color into it?
With the STS.
What is the STS?
Basically, you will get a little monologue from Higashi or Minami, depending on who you're playing, in form of internal thoughts.
We will try to make these not only as various as possible, but also fitting your Situation.
Here some examples what they could look like:

Imagine you have only one Monster in your Team left. Then this might pop up:
"I should visit a Temple as soon as possible..."

Or you are in the middle of the desert at day:
"Phew, it's hot! My throat feels like Sandpaper!"

And, last but not least, what about returning to Hajimachi after a long time?
"I love travelling, but it's nice to return home sometimes."

How will they look like, won't they interrupt my Game?
Nope, they won't. They might even pop up in battle, but they always will stay at the bottom of the screen, as autotext.
Now, i don't know how much we can actually dub, since we need a lot of people to do that, but we will definitly dub these Site-Thoughts, so you don't have to read it and can just listen to them, to make it more convenient and less distracting.

So, what are your (side)thoughts about this?

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Weekly Monster #3: Fladdermouse

It's name derives from the german word for Bats, "Fledermaus". "Fladder" sounds like "Fleder" and is "flattern", which means to flutter, in a northern german accent. "Maus" is the german word for mouse.

They can barely see, and in daylight, they are absolutely blind. But, with their noses, they send out sonars all the time, so that they can see everything with their ears. In fact, that sonar reflections form pictures in their brain, like our eyes do with the light refraction.
But they see a little different, they do see colors, but not like us. What they see is a spectrum of grey, the further away something is, the darker is it.
Since they have the ability to not only filter, but completely turning of other sounds than their sonar, most of the time, you can't even trick them with fake noises.

They go out to hunt at night. Their prey are Insect-type Monsters as well as different fruits and even some kinds of flowers.
They live in communities, normally ignoring each other, but they have a silent agreement on not to get in the way of the others, that live in the same cave.
But, if there is a Fladdermouse from another cave, this looks much different. They bunch together and attack the ones from other caves, most often resulting in the death of the territorial intruders. Only in times like this they work together, but if someone from their own cave doesn't find any food, they will rather let him starve to death than sharing with him.

They breed once every season, normally at the beginning of it. They seem to chose their partners just randomly, but only from among their cavemates. When the egg is laid, they glue it onto the caves ceiling with their excrements. They will leave it just there and ignore it, since they are by no means family-creatures. After it hatches, it has to get through on its own. Some will die because they are unable to properly hunt, while those, which learn from looking at the others, will survive.
Strangely, they can fly right after hatching, which means they have that, other than hunting, set in their DNA.

So, please tell me your thoughts about it, and here is the riddle for the next one:
"Swords are it's destiny, but for now, it doesn't wield one.
It can fly and cut. Unseeable at night, a body black like a curse."

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Data Structures taking form

Hello everyone, it's mobychan again!

I have made progress on the Data Structures(still the stuff from last time, quite time consuming actually) so far, we can completely design NPCs with following actions:

  • Fighting
  • Giving Items
  • Giving Quests
  • Healing
  • Moving(with or without the player)
  • Asking Questions with multiple answer possibilities
  • Normal Talking
  • Teaching Attacks
  • Trading Monsters(complete with required traits for the monster you give him/her)
  • And Unlocking special articles in the encyclopia and similar stuff
We can combine multiple of these into one "Action Group", meaning you start to talk to an NPC and he can, for example, heal you and immediately after start a fight with you.
Each NPC can have multiple of those "Action Groups" so we can change what he'll says or does depending on your answers to his/her questions or your actions.

Now I'm working on the structures for the Monsters/their Monpedia entries and Items and their effects.
Here we're still working out which effects we want and how they'll work, so it'll take a bit more time.

See you soon, hopefully with some pictures again!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Weekly Monster #3: Kunowlichi

So, after our vacation, now it is time for the next Weekly Monster!
First, the Picture:

I present to you: Kunowlichi!

It's name is a mixture of owl and kunoichi (female Ninja), and only female Nightowls evolve into them. Their theme is "Owls with Kunai" (typical throwing knives of Ninja).

They are nocturnal and can see at night like humans can at day. While hunting their prey, they throw their kunailike feathers not only to hit the prey, but also to change it's directions to get it into the right spot. Most of the time they don't even kill it with their feathers, but with their claws.
They also have kunailike claws with which they can hang upside-down on trees and such. That, and the ability to turn their heads 360°, lead to them almost never losing their prey.
They also have eyelike symbols on the back of their wings, which tricks enemies from above into thinking they are watched.

Their mating habbits are complicated, since they, as well as their male counterpart, Shinowlbi, only mate with ones that are stronger than them. But it's impossible that both are stronger than the other one, so they basically try to rape the other one, but only if it is via a tough fight. Due to this, only evenlymatched ones mate and they do so before the fight really ends.
After mating, they leave the egg with the stronger one, which hatches it. After it hatches, it will be abandoned and has to live on his own.

So, what do you think?
And here is the hinting for next week:
"Caves are my home, in the night, i fly out of them.
Small is my body, big are my ears and wings.
I come in masses, but i act alone.
I can screech, but you can't hear it."

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

A little more Vacation, kinda...

Today should be a Weekly Monster day, but we decided to take a little more vacation when it comes to posting things.
This doesn't mean we take a vacation from working on the game, but the truth is, Moby and i got into a car accident. She hurt her wrist and ankles and i hurt my leg, nothing serious, but well, we need to get a new car and such, it is all very time consuming, and instead of cutting short the time we work on Monster Leader, we rather cut the time short on posting things.
I don't really know when we will post something new, but don't be afraid, we are far from dropping the Project or such a thing.
We just need some time to settle everything.

Thank you for your patience.

Monday, July 22, 2013

A little Vacation

Just wanted to inform you all that we will be on a little Vacation.
This weekend we will go to the Animagic (a german Convention), so this week as well as next week there won't be anything new.
We still work on the game in these two weeks and it goes smoothly, so we definitly have something to show you then.
See you all!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

New Information from the Programming side

Hello everyone, it's mobychan again.

This time I'll tell you what I'm working on right now regarding the programming.

Curryently I'm working on the Interface to insert all our data into the game, so I can test out the functionality I'll programm afterwards.
To make it easier I'm programming a so called Custom Inspector for Unity, so Rief just has to work with some forms when he inserts the Data.

At the moment I'm working out the NPCs and I'm giving them the needed possibilities to talk with the player, give him Items, fight him or trade with him and other stuff.
Making this easy and reusable for future games is a bit of a challenge, but I'm getting used to Inspector programming quite fast, so I hope I'll be able to continue working on the game itself soon.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Weekly Monster #2: Maderony

First things first: Sorry that i forgot the riddle last time, but from now on you will get one everytime.
So, the second one is somewhat special, too!
I present you:
So, whats so special this time?
Well, it is the evolution of Eleny. And not the only possible one, this one is the Wood-Elemental one.

First, the name. It derives from the spanish word for wood, which is madera, mixed with the word pony.

If the leaves on its head and tail are turning brown, it means it is sick.
When they see a plant that is damaged, they give them nutrients via their urine. This is not the normal urine, but a special mixture rich in nutrients. However, is the plant damaged beyond repair, they will eat it to get the remaining nutrients for themselves.

The roots of the small trees on them are connected with their veins, and their blood is actually mixed with resin. They have two stomachs as well as two oesophagi, one for plants they eat and one for flesh they eat.
The stomach for flesh is very small, since they only eat small Insect-Type Monsters and that only rarely. They mostly need nutrients from plants, so they mostly eat plants. The mix of resin and blood in their veins is about 90/10.

They choose their breeding partner through the size of their trees. This doesn't mean bigger is better, they chose a partner that has a tree that's similar in size on their head and tail. Even though they choose them early, they will not breed before they evolve. Once they chose their partner, they will stay together forever, and even if one dies, they won't get a new one.

So yeah, this is Maderony.
And, as promised, here is the riddle for the next Monster:
"I fly through the night, my blades always ready. Eyes on the front and on the back.
If you see me, you are at fault if you get hurt. My blades are everywhere on my body..."
So, do you have something in mind on how the next one could look?

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Path of Beginners

This is the rough Layout of the Path of Beginners, the area in the game, where you will encounter wild monsters for the first time.
You will be able to encounter three different monsters here, namely Spatzid, Mounce and Wetpole, as well as the first Leaders you can battle.
Also, there are some items hidden here.

Since this is only the rough layout, i have to smoothen it up as well as make it more colorful and such. There is grass thats higher than the normal one, but thats not seeable from this perspective.
Also, there will be some trees as well, not much, just four or five.

So, i hope you like it, and since i'm at it right now, in our game you will encounter monsters everywhere on a map that has encounters.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Weekly Monster #1: Mushipie

So, here we go, like i said, today the first Weekly Monster starts!
Let me present you: Mushipie
Something special as the first one to be presented, this is Mushipie.
You may wonder, what is so special about it?
Well, it is one of the 16 possible Evolutions of Kyupie, to be exact, the Insect-Type Evolution. But we are not here to talk about Kyupie, so more infos on Mushipie right away!
The special thing about Mushipie is that it can have one to seven dots. Each dot represents luck in a specific field: If they have one dot, you get luck in love, two dots mean you have luck in friendship, three dots stand for luck in wealth, four refers to luck with finding things, five mean you have luck in familymatters, six will turn out unlucky things that happen to you as lucky, and seven gives you luck in gambling.
So, try to get all seven Versions and luck will be your servant.
With their stinglike mouth, they suck out juice from fruits or even from trees. Their mouth also works as a nose, while they suck with the tip, they also have small holes all over this "sting" which take in all kinds of smells. It is theorized that each hole takes in a diferent kind of smell, but as of today, this theory couldn't be proved.

Their mating season is spring and early summer. The males have a special mating dance to impress the females. Also, they bring presents like fruits to the females. But this doesn't mean the males take every female they can get, no, from all the females that chose the male through its mating dance, the males choose the female they want with the present they make. After the egg they layed hatched, both parents go their seperate ways. The child that hatches goes with the father if it is male and with the mother if it is female.
The number of dots the parents have does not define the number of dots the child has (if the Kyupie evolves into a Mushipie, that is).

Mushipie seldom leave their territory, but on the other hand, they have a very big one, so they don't really need to. The only way they would do that is, when the food starts to decline.

Their feet doubleact at being antennae with which they can sense all kinds of things. They see everything in only six colours, red, blue, green, yellow, black and white. Things like orange appear to them like either red or yellow, depending on the tone of the color.
They also don't really hear anything, they take the vibration sound makes with their feet and feel the sound, rather than hearing it.

Ok, i think this is enough, so, what do you think?
Did you get interesting infos out of it?
Do you like Mushipie?
I would love to hear your thoughts about it!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

A quiet Flower and an Announcement

With this, i present you the second Head Leader, Lilia Calmefleur!
What can i say about Lilia?
Well, she is a quiet one, doesn't talk much. She is icredibly friendly and values life as the most important thing. She loves to hear the rustling of grass and the chirping of insects.
No wonder that her favourite place are forests.
She became the Forest Head Leader at the age of 20, which is very early. The Forest Head Leader before her chose her because of her great understanding of the live in the forest, which made her the perfect choice for the job.
Her Assistant is having a hard time, since she sometimes stays in the forest for weeks without coming back, so he has to call her everytime someone wants to challenge her. She would like to have her Examination Hall in the woods, without a building at all, but the World Leader Association doesn't allow it, for the obvious Reason of having the Examination Halls attached to a City and for Leaders to have a place to go, instead of searching through all of the Forest to find the Head Leader (even though Exploration IS one of the most important things for a Leader).
She actually isn't from Skola, but her family moved to Skola when she was 14, so she became a Leader as well as a Master in Skola. Her family returned to their home when she was 18, but she decided to stay in Skola.
Her dream is to travel around the world, visiting every forest their is. The reason for her not to do that right now is that she promised her Mentor to become a Head Leader like he was, so she can only leave if she finds someone who can replace her. She doesn't really realize that this won't happen when she's barely home and barely talking to anyone, so that she needs to have luck for someone to come with that exact goal in mind, or for her getting too old (and also too old for fulfilling her dream) and the Association needs to decide on a new one.

So, enough about her, or there will be nothing left for you to discover while playing the game.

But, as the title says, there is an Announcement, or rather, some small ones:

First, remember about Weekly Monster?
I mentioned it in a previous Post and i will start it next week, a new Monster every Tuesday!
Also, every Thursday there will be something new about the game.
We will stop giving you Character Information for now, but rather you will get 3D-Models and Ingame-Screenshots from now on.

And we will be working on a second game!
This isn't because we plan to drop ML, it's more like, sometimes, we need something fresh so that Monster Leader will become good.
This second game will make very slow progress, since our main thing is ML, so we won't give you any infos on it. Maybe it will be finished before Monster Leader, maybe after, i don't know.
All i will give you is the Genre and the Name:
It woll be a Jump'n'Run called Taiyou-kun to Tsuki-chan no Bouken!
If you really want to know more about it, tell us in the comments and i might drop some Info here and there.

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Professor Alexander Syrup

Well, here is the one who will give you your first Monster, as well as some instructions.
I know what you all think...
But no, he isn't single anymore, he is happily married.
I know he looks younger, but he really is 29 years old.
Ok, enough with the sarcasm, and by that i don't mean his age, he IS 29 years old. He was once a Leader just like you, but he stopped in the middle of his journey to become a Master Leader. Not because it was too hard or so, no, he just found something more interesting, something worth to put his heart into, and so, he started to study to become a Professor. Well, of course there is no school that just teaches you to be a Professor. What he studied and became a Professor in was, in fact, Monster-related. He mainly researchs the habitat of Monsters and how changes in their environment influence them.
It all started when he, while being on his journey, saw his Kyupie evolve. That in itself isn't so special, but the Kyupie of his Friend, which he traveled together with, evolved into something other than his. Well, it was known that Kyupie evolves based on the place where it evolves, so they both knew that too, but seeing it with his own eyes moved something in him.
But, he continued, for now. What was it then what made him go study instead of becoming a Master?
Well, it was while he travelled through one of Skolas caves. In there he saw a Mihana, a Monster normally loving the sun. Coincidence?
No, because something about this Mihana was strange, it seemed like it feared the light it normally loves so much. Also, the petals on its head were strange, since they had a way darker color. He stayed for a while and saw, that this Mihana actually never leaved the Cave. But why?
He took notes and all, observed it, until he came to the conclusion that it somehow ended up here, and instead the obvious thing to happen to a Mihana that doesn't get sunlight, which would be dying, it managed to adapt to the circumstances, which is a rare occurance. Well, if you make it slowly and over the course of several hundred years it would be natural, but not as fast as this.
Eager to know more about that, he started to study, but, as of today, he never really solved this one particular mystery, because he never found that Mihana again, all he could do was making theories...

Well, that was far longer than i expected, so not much room for his personality or family and such...
Good, why not, you can see it for yourself when you play the game once it is released, but i hope you like his backstory, which will not be in the game in this form.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Beware, the strongest Rival appears!

At least, he thinks he is the strongest Rival. Since they'll have different Monsters, it really depends on your own Team who the strongest Rival is.
Her he is:
If you should describe him in one word, it would be cocky. If you had two words, it would be extremely cocky. If you lose to him, he will insult you, but even if you win he will.
Noone really knows why he and Higashi became such fierce rivals, maybe because there aren't any other boys their age in Hajimachi, but seriously, they could also have become friends. He insults Higashi whenever he can, and there aren't many people that get respect from him. He doesn't really like Minami either. Strangely enough, he never really insulted Kita, but actually, they barely talked at all. He just seems to ignore her for some reason, maybe because she is so silent and gives him absolutely no ground for insults?
Of the four Main Characters, he is the oldest. And that just makes him even cockier. But where does that cockiness come from? Again, noone really knows.
His mother, Rubi, is very gentle and cares much for her children. She handles Nishis cockiness carefully, but for her it's easy, because Nishi shows her great respect. She is very strongwilled, and thats good, having three boys, one girl and a husband that rarely is home.
His older brother, Aio (this name actually derives from a gemstone too, it is the formula for the sapphire (Al2O3), minus the numbers) works abroad as the assistant of Professor.
His older sister, Crystal, is not a Leader. She works as a journalist, as one that is right at the scene of an event, asking people questions, taking photos and such.
His younger brother, Kohaku, is a nestling. Nishi mostly ignores him because his mother wouldn't like it if he insults him. He loves his siblings, and they love him, except Nishi. He rarely leaves the house, and when he does, only with his mother.

So, as a special, here are our thoughts on Nishi:

Rief: "Well, i think he is the perfect rival for Higashi (and thats good, since i created those two). You could say they are complete opposites. And i think girls will love him, characters like his are somehow popular. By the way, his sunglasses aren't just an accessoire, it has a meaning for him that he wears them... He wears them so he won't have to see all those people inferior to him, he fears that they might make his eyes bad since they are so stupid.
Well, i hope you will like him, as all the other characters, and who knows what will happen to him on his journey?"

Mobychan will follow, since she is asleep right now.

Mobychan: "I think Nishi's a nice change when compared to the rather "normal" Higashi. His character is kinda extreme, but I hope we will be able to show his development throughout the story as well as we think. Would be kinda interessting to get to know how many girl will play as Higashi just to have him as rival..."

Draeron:"Out of the 4 main characters I like Nishi the most."

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Kita is here.

I proudly present you Kita, your rival when playing as Minami!
Kita is a Girl of few Words. She says what she wants, and that as short as possible.
She is 16 years old and, of the Main Characters and Rivals, the second youngest, with Minami being the youngest.
I can't say too much about her character, since it would spoil many things.
She has two younger siblings, Ginta and Kinmi, which are twins.
She has a special reason for becoming a Leader, but what that reason is, you'll have to find out for yourself.

I hope you like her and comment what you think about her.
As always, critique, good and bad, is always welcome, as long as it is constructive.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

BUAHAHA! The first Head Leader!

This is Bruno. He will be your first big challenge on your way to becoming a Master Leader. He is the Field Head Leader, and thus he's specialized in Monsters living in Fields, mostly Animal and Beast-Types.
His Nickname is "The man with the strength of a Royazzly", and there is much truth to it, since he likes to train with his Monsters directly. Yes, he takes on the Monsters attacks himself.
He is rough and simple, while always saying what he thinks and honest to the heart. He loves his farmwork as well as his Job as a Head Leader. You will rarely see him without his Hoe, which he named "Florentine".
Also, he is a caring husband and father of five kids, all boys.
He's not much of a strategist, he just lets his Monster's strongest attacks rain onto the enemy. This in itself is a kind of strategy, even though he himself isn't aware of that. While you could say it's easy to predict what he will do (and it is easy to predict), you have to get through it. Knowing what he does doesn't mean much.

He is 39 years old and his instrument of choice is the Bass.
As he once said in an interview, the reason he chose his wife is because she makes such delicious food. In the same interview he stated, that he only eats vegetables that he knows the origin of.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Some Pieces of Information

Since it takes a little longer to finish what we wanted to present you, i will give some Pieces of Information to you.

-Since we made a little Mistake in numbering the Monsters, we will now have 546 instead of 525
-You will be able to jump! Yeah, you could use it just for fun, but sometimes it is needed to get forward.
-Higashi as well as Minami will have five different outfits, but you cannot switch freely between them, except for one: The normal Outfit, the Beach Outfit which is used in the Beach Region and are basically bathing suits, the desert Outfit for the Desert Region, the snow Outfit, used in the Tundra, which is basically some warm clothes and one more, but this last, which is the one you can exchange everytime, will stay secret for now.
-Unlike many other RPGs, you will be able to meet both parents of the Main Characters! Even though you will first meet Higashis and Minamis father in the post game, but you will be able to battle them!
-There are 144 Collectors Coins for you to collect. Basically, they are like Achievements
-There will be different ways to travel: by foot, on a Jetski, a submarine and a Hoverboard. Also, you get a Stone with which you can teleport to special Statues
-You can find special Stones whit which you can set up "Healing Springs". These will completely heal your entire Party and will never disappear, but there will be a limited amount of these stones. You can set them up everywhere, but be aware not to waste them.

Okay, one more thing:
In about one to three weeks i will start a special Series on this Blog called "Weekly Monster". I will give you Infos about one Monster per week in this, detailed and spoilerless Infos. I will use a Random Monster Generator which i created myself to determine which Monster will be presented, so it could get a little strange like having a Monster this week and next week is the pre-evolution of it. But well, you never really know what could come this way!
Also, i will make a little Riddle at the end, which hints what Monster will be coming next week.
And with this announcement, i will give you the riddle on what the first Monster could be, here you go, feel free to post your thoughts in the comments:
"I will bring you luck, in different ways.
The dots will tell you what you will get.
The dots are numbered like the days.
If you see me chase my deep red.

A buzzing noise is what i make.
I'm shaped like a little dome.
The luck is yours to take.
So make me a nice home."

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A new Monster emerges!

So, now we will present you a special Monster!
Its name is Eleny, and as you can see in the picture, it is some kind of pony.
But Eleny is very special, as it can evolve in different ways.
If you give it the right item, it will evolve, and it can, depending on the item you give it, evolve in twelve ways.
Oh, what a coincidence, we have twelve elements...
And that is exactly what it does, it has twelve different evolution-lines, one for each element. But after you evolve it with one of the twelve special evolution-items, it can even evolve once more!
How will it evolve?
Well, that will, for now, remain a secret...

So, please tell us what you think about it in the comments, we would appreciate your thoughts on it!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Another WIP of Higashi

So here's another WIP of Higashi, since I wasn't able to do much because of my exam.
(finally finished with school, only an oral exam in mid june left^^)

This time he has nicer feet and hands and a head as well as a shirt and trousers.

And below you can see his first steps, he's still naked there but you can see, where it goes^^

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Higashi's Model WIP and some stuff about Programming

Hey there, everyone, it's mobychan again^^

Today I brought you a WIP of Higashi's Model. He's still headless, but that and his clothes and movements will come soon, since I can't continue programming without a model at the moment.

I kinda finished the Start Screen already, but we're not too sure about the design as of now, so we won't show it yet.
Currently I'm working on the Character Controller, so we'll have a nice working, animated and stearable Higashi not too long from now^^
Also I still need to include some nice functionality in the Camera so you'll always be able to see the Character even if he's behind a tree or something and the possibility to change to First Person View to examine your surroundings.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Three mysterious shadows...

Sooo this time I got some artworks... more or less. It's just some shadows.
But if you like you can guess what the colours will be.
Don't look in the Monpedia, though.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

First WIP-Shots of Higashi's House

Hello everyone, this time it's mobychan and I've got something new for you.

Here you can see the WIP of Higashi's House:

Here's the whole house.
This is the front with the door in the middle, a bathroom with a big tube in the addition on the right, and the roof terrace on the upper left.

Top Floor
Here's the top floor, again with the roof terrace on the left, then there's a big bathroom with a pre-room for dressing and stuff. Next to the stairs in the middle is a toilet, on the right side are the parent's room and a guest room.

Ground Floor
And last but not least the ground floor with Higashi's room on the top left, below it is his sister Sakura's room. Next to the stairs is a second toilet and on the right are the kitchen and living room. These two are not directly separated. And on the far right a little inside view of the "bathtub room".

So, what do you think?

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Thursday, April 11, 2013


Recently we stumbled over this nice Engine called Unity3D.
Since we are planning to make Games for PC and Consoles/Handhelds, and this Engine supports WiiU, PS3, XBox 360, iOS, Android and some more, and makes it easy to port Projects, it is just perfect for us.
It is used by Professional Game Developers and was even recommended to me by Nintendo itself (i asked for some Infos on DevKits and such).
Also, it makes working relatively easy, and we can use C#, which makes our Programmer mobychan very happy.

The only thing that gives us a headache right now is Cel-Shading. Not that it is hard in general, but to make Terrains Cel-Shading is a bit tricky, but well, we just started, so we will find a solution in the next days.

If you seriously wanna make Games, i recommend this Engine.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Well, yeah, nothing much to say, due to vacation we are a little bit lazy, but after it we will work as hard as we can!
But yeah, we have work and such, so it could take a little time, i hope that making games will be our official job as soon as possible.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Honeko 3D-Model

Hello everybody!
This time it's Drae and I'm presenting you a first glance on our 3D-models.
At first it's Honeko. The left ne is my first try and the right one will be the real model.
Still has some mistakes in it but I'll fix them when I have some more time.

Monday, March 4, 2013

We have a Number!

Just now, i have finished the Skola Monpedia.
Well, mostly just names, but i have an idea for every monster in there, it is only a matter of writing it down, but i have what i wanted to have for now, and that is the number of monsters that will be in the game.
I proudly present it to you, the number, which is...


An awesomly amount of 525 Monsters!

Thursday, February 21, 2013



I started making 3D-Models yesterday, and well, so far it works fine. I have absolutely no experience with that, but given this fact, it worked out pretty well...
So far, but i won't get overwhelmed because of that, but even if it turns out to be hard, i won't give up!

Oh, btw, i work on the Character Models while Draeron works on the Monster Models together with Koe.