Foresoft Games: We have a Number!

Monday, March 4, 2013

We have a Number!

Just now, i have finished the Skola Monpedia.
Well, mostly just names, but i have an idea for every monster in there, it is only a matter of writing it down, but i have what i wanted to have for now, and that is the number of monsters that will be in the game.
I proudly present it to you, the number, which is...


An awesomly amount of 525 Monsters!


  1. I am really impressed !
    By theway the evolution are counted in the numbers ? (sorry for my bad englsih)

  2. Yes, Evolutions are counted, but we also have multiple Monster having different forms, those are not counted in ^^

    1. I am really curious now! ;D

    2. There are also Monsters that can evolve into different monsters, like Kyupie, which can evolve in 16 different ways or Eleny, which can evolve in 12 different ways, although these are the two with the most different evolution possibilities, but sme have two or three.