Foresoft Games: First WIP-Shots of Higashi's House

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

First WIP-Shots of Higashi's House

Hello everyone, this time it's mobychan and I've got something new for you.

Here you can see the WIP of Higashi's House:

Here's the whole house.
This is the front with the door in the middle, a bathroom with a big tube in the addition on the right, and the roof terrace on the upper left.

Top Floor
Here's the top floor, again with the roof terrace on the left, then there's a big bathroom with a pre-room for dressing and stuff. Next to the stairs in the middle is a toilet, on the right side are the parent's room and a guest room.

Ground Floor
And last but not least the ground floor with Higashi's room on the top left, below it is his sister Sakura's room. Next to the stairs is a second toilet and on the right are the kitchen and living room. These two are not directly separated. And on the far right a little inside view of the "bathtub room".

So, what do you think?


  1. The house is quite big!
    What program are you using ? ^^

  2. I made this model with Blender(, later when it's finished we'll build the map in Unity(, where I also program everything^^

    1. I hope that will find nice tutorials or textures on the internet for your 3D house because even on rpg maker editing 2D ressources is really painful for a noob like me.

      I look foward to see the result in Unity. :)

    2. If you get used to it and have some kind of art knowledge, it's not that hard to so, especially if you have straight line as here^^