Foresoft Games: Unity3D

Thursday, April 11, 2013


Recently we stumbled over this nice Engine called Unity3D.
Since we are planning to make Games for PC and Consoles/Handhelds, and this Engine supports WiiU, PS3, XBox 360, iOS, Android and some more, and makes it easy to port Projects, it is just perfect for us.
It is used by Professional Game Developers and was even recommended to me by Nintendo itself (i asked for some Infos on DevKits and such).
Also, it makes working relatively easy, and we can use C#, which makes our Programmer mobychan very happy.

The only thing that gives us a headache right now is Cel-Shading. Not that it is hard in general, but to make Terrains Cel-Shading is a bit tricky, but well, we just started, so we will find a solution in the next days.

If you seriously wanna make Games, i recommend this Engine.


  1. WoW, are you guys going to make your game directly on Unity and drop rpg maker Vx ace ? :o

  2. We actually dropped the maker long ago, it just seemed to difficult to script everything we need in it XD
    until we now started working with Unity we worked on it with XNA ^^

    1. Heya,

      I didn't know that XD
      It's good that programming in C# will make things easier for you and I will be always supporting you guys.

      By the way, I found this site :
      It has really good tutorials for people who want to make commercial indies games like you want to do. I hope it will help you for making your dreams come true.

      I am looking foward for your next news ^^

    2. Thanks for supporting us^^

      That site looks really helpful, so thank you very much for giving us that link^^