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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Some Pieces of Information

Since it takes a little longer to finish what we wanted to present you, i will give some Pieces of Information to you.

-Since we made a little Mistake in numbering the Monsters, we will now have 546 instead of 525
-You will be able to jump! Yeah, you could use it just for fun, but sometimes it is needed to get forward.
-Higashi as well as Minami will have five different outfits, but you cannot switch freely between them, except for one: The normal Outfit, the Beach Outfit which is used in the Beach Region and are basically bathing suits, the desert Outfit for the Desert Region, the snow Outfit, used in the Tundra, which is basically some warm clothes and one more, but this last, which is the one you can exchange everytime, will stay secret for now.
-Unlike many other RPGs, you will be able to meet both parents of the Main Characters! Even though you will first meet Higashis and Minamis father in the post game, but you will be able to battle them!
-There are 144 Collectors Coins for you to collect. Basically, they are like Achievements
-There will be different ways to travel: by foot, on a Jetski, a submarine and a Hoverboard. Also, you get a Stone with which you can teleport to special Statues
-You can find special Stones whit which you can set up "Healing Springs". These will completely heal your entire Party and will never disappear, but there will be a limited amount of these stones. You can set them up everywhere, but be aware not to waste them.

Okay, one more thing:
In about one to three weeks i will start a special Series on this Blog called "Weekly Monster". I will give you Infos about one Monster per week in this, detailed and spoilerless Infos. I will use a Random Monster Generator which i created myself to determine which Monster will be presented, so it could get a little strange like having a Monster this week and next week is the pre-evolution of it. But well, you never really know what could come this way!
Also, i will make a little Riddle at the end, which hints what Monster will be coming next week.
And with this announcement, i will give you the riddle on what the first Monster could be, here you go, feel free to post your thoughts in the comments:
"I will bring you luck, in different ways.
The dots will tell you what you will get.
The dots are numbered like the days.
If you see me chase my deep red.

A buzzing noise is what i make.
I'm shaped like a little dome.
The luck is yours to take.
So make me a nice home."

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