Foresoft Games: June 2013

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Professor Alexander Syrup

Well, here is the one who will give you your first Monster, as well as some instructions.
I know what you all think...
But no, he isn't single anymore, he is happily married.
I know he looks younger, but he really is 29 years old.
Ok, enough with the sarcasm, and by that i don't mean his age, he IS 29 years old. He was once a Leader just like you, but he stopped in the middle of his journey to become a Master Leader. Not because it was too hard or so, no, he just found something more interesting, something worth to put his heart into, and so, he started to study to become a Professor. Well, of course there is no school that just teaches you to be a Professor. What he studied and became a Professor in was, in fact, Monster-related. He mainly researchs the habitat of Monsters and how changes in their environment influence them.
It all started when he, while being on his journey, saw his Kyupie evolve. That in itself isn't so special, but the Kyupie of his Friend, which he traveled together with, evolved into something other than his. Well, it was known that Kyupie evolves based on the place where it evolves, so they both knew that too, but seeing it with his own eyes moved something in him.
But, he continued, for now. What was it then what made him go study instead of becoming a Master?
Well, it was while he travelled through one of Skolas caves. In there he saw a Mihana, a Monster normally loving the sun. Coincidence?
No, because something about this Mihana was strange, it seemed like it feared the light it normally loves so much. Also, the petals on its head were strange, since they had a way darker color. He stayed for a while and saw, that this Mihana actually never leaved the Cave. But why?
He took notes and all, observed it, until he came to the conclusion that it somehow ended up here, and instead the obvious thing to happen to a Mihana that doesn't get sunlight, which would be dying, it managed to adapt to the circumstances, which is a rare occurance. Well, if you make it slowly and over the course of several hundred years it would be natural, but not as fast as this.
Eager to know more about that, he started to study, but, as of today, he never really solved this one particular mystery, because he never found that Mihana again, all he could do was making theories...

Well, that was far longer than i expected, so not much room for his personality or family and such...
Good, why not, you can see it for yourself when you play the game once it is released, but i hope you like his backstory, which will not be in the game in this form.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Beware, the strongest Rival appears!

At least, he thinks he is the strongest Rival. Since they'll have different Monsters, it really depends on your own Team who the strongest Rival is.
Her he is:
If you should describe him in one word, it would be cocky. If you had two words, it would be extremely cocky. If you lose to him, he will insult you, but even if you win he will.
Noone really knows why he and Higashi became such fierce rivals, maybe because there aren't any other boys their age in Hajimachi, but seriously, they could also have become friends. He insults Higashi whenever he can, and there aren't many people that get respect from him. He doesn't really like Minami either. Strangely enough, he never really insulted Kita, but actually, they barely talked at all. He just seems to ignore her for some reason, maybe because she is so silent and gives him absolutely no ground for insults?
Of the four Main Characters, he is the oldest. And that just makes him even cockier. But where does that cockiness come from? Again, noone really knows.
His mother, Rubi, is very gentle and cares much for her children. She handles Nishis cockiness carefully, but for her it's easy, because Nishi shows her great respect. She is very strongwilled, and thats good, having three boys, one girl and a husband that rarely is home.
His older brother, Aio (this name actually derives from a gemstone too, it is the formula for the sapphire (Al2O3), minus the numbers) works abroad as the assistant of Professor.
His older sister, Crystal, is not a Leader. She works as a journalist, as one that is right at the scene of an event, asking people questions, taking photos and such.
His younger brother, Kohaku, is a nestling. Nishi mostly ignores him because his mother wouldn't like it if he insults him. He loves his siblings, and they love him, except Nishi. He rarely leaves the house, and when he does, only with his mother.

So, as a special, here are our thoughts on Nishi:

Rief: "Well, i think he is the perfect rival for Higashi (and thats good, since i created those two). You could say they are complete opposites. And i think girls will love him, characters like his are somehow popular. By the way, his sunglasses aren't just an accessoire, it has a meaning for him that he wears them... He wears them so he won't have to see all those people inferior to him, he fears that they might make his eyes bad since they are so stupid.
Well, i hope you will like him, as all the other characters, and who knows what will happen to him on his journey?"

Mobychan will follow, since she is asleep right now.

Mobychan: "I think Nishi's a nice change when compared to the rather "normal" Higashi. His character is kinda extreme, but I hope we will be able to show his development throughout the story as well as we think. Would be kinda interessting to get to know how many girl will play as Higashi just to have him as rival..."

Draeron:"Out of the 4 main characters I like Nishi the most."

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Kita is here.

I proudly present you Kita, your rival when playing as Minami!
Kita is a Girl of few Words. She says what she wants, and that as short as possible.
She is 16 years old and, of the Main Characters and Rivals, the second youngest, with Minami being the youngest.
I can't say too much about her character, since it would spoil many things.
She has two younger siblings, Ginta and Kinmi, which are twins.
She has a special reason for becoming a Leader, but what that reason is, you'll have to find out for yourself.

I hope you like her and comment what you think about her.
As always, critique, good and bad, is always welcome, as long as it is constructive.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

BUAHAHA! The first Head Leader!

This is Bruno. He will be your first big challenge on your way to becoming a Master Leader. He is the Field Head Leader, and thus he's specialized in Monsters living in Fields, mostly Animal and Beast-Types.
His Nickname is "The man with the strength of a Royazzly", and there is much truth to it, since he likes to train with his Monsters directly. Yes, he takes on the Monsters attacks himself.
He is rough and simple, while always saying what he thinks and honest to the heart. He loves his farmwork as well as his Job as a Head Leader. You will rarely see him without his Hoe, which he named "Florentine".
Also, he is a caring husband and father of five kids, all boys.
He's not much of a strategist, he just lets his Monster's strongest attacks rain onto the enemy. This in itself is a kind of strategy, even though he himself isn't aware of that. While you could say it's easy to predict what he will do (and it is easy to predict), you have to get through it. Knowing what he does doesn't mean much.

He is 39 years old and his instrument of choice is the Bass.
As he once said in an interview, the reason he chose his wife is because she makes such delicious food. In the same interview he stated, that he only eats vegetables that he knows the origin of.