Foresoft Games: BUAHAHA! The first Head Leader!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

BUAHAHA! The first Head Leader!

This is Bruno. He will be your first big challenge on your way to becoming a Master Leader. He is the Field Head Leader, and thus he's specialized in Monsters living in Fields, mostly Animal and Beast-Types.
His Nickname is "The man with the strength of a Royazzly", and there is much truth to it, since he likes to train with his Monsters directly. Yes, he takes on the Monsters attacks himself.
He is rough and simple, while always saying what he thinks and honest to the heart. He loves his farmwork as well as his Job as a Head Leader. You will rarely see him without his Hoe, which he named "Florentine".
Also, he is a caring husband and father of five kids, all boys.
He's not much of a strategist, he just lets his Monster's strongest attacks rain onto the enemy. This in itself is a kind of strategy, even though he himself isn't aware of that. While you could say it's easy to predict what he will do (and it is easy to predict), you have to get through it. Knowing what he does doesn't mean much.

He is 39 years old and his instrument of choice is the Bass.
As he once said in an interview, the reason he chose his wife is because she makes such delicious food. In the same interview he stated, that he only eats vegetables that he knows the origin of.

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