Foresoft Games: July 2013

Monday, July 22, 2013

A little Vacation

Just wanted to inform you all that we will be on a little Vacation.
This weekend we will go to the Animagic (a german Convention), so this week as well as next week there won't be anything new.
We still work on the game in these two weeks and it goes smoothly, so we definitly have something to show you then.
See you all!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

New Information from the Programming side

Hello everyone, it's mobychan again.

This time I'll tell you what I'm working on right now regarding the programming.

Curryently I'm working on the Interface to insert all our data into the game, so I can test out the functionality I'll programm afterwards.
To make it easier I'm programming a so called Custom Inspector for Unity, so Rief just has to work with some forms when he inserts the Data.

At the moment I'm working out the NPCs and I'm giving them the needed possibilities to talk with the player, give him Items, fight him or trade with him and other stuff.
Making this easy and reusable for future games is a bit of a challenge, but I'm getting used to Inspector programming quite fast, so I hope I'll be able to continue working on the game itself soon.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Weekly Monster #2: Maderony

First things first: Sorry that i forgot the riddle last time, but from now on you will get one everytime.
So, the second one is somewhat special, too!
I present you:
So, whats so special this time?
Well, it is the evolution of Eleny. And not the only possible one, this one is the Wood-Elemental one.

First, the name. It derives from the spanish word for wood, which is madera, mixed with the word pony.

If the leaves on its head and tail are turning brown, it means it is sick.
When they see a plant that is damaged, they give them nutrients via their urine. This is not the normal urine, but a special mixture rich in nutrients. However, is the plant damaged beyond repair, they will eat it to get the remaining nutrients for themselves.

The roots of the small trees on them are connected with their veins, and their blood is actually mixed with resin. They have two stomachs as well as two oesophagi, one for plants they eat and one for flesh they eat.
The stomach for flesh is very small, since they only eat small Insect-Type Monsters and that only rarely. They mostly need nutrients from plants, so they mostly eat plants. The mix of resin and blood in their veins is about 90/10.

They choose their breeding partner through the size of their trees. This doesn't mean bigger is better, they chose a partner that has a tree that's similar in size on their head and tail. Even though they choose them early, they will not breed before they evolve. Once they chose their partner, they will stay together forever, and even if one dies, they won't get a new one.

So yeah, this is Maderony.
And, as promised, here is the riddle for the next Monster:
"I fly through the night, my blades always ready. Eyes on the front and on the back.
If you see me, you are at fault if you get hurt. My blades are everywhere on my body..."
So, do you have something in mind on how the next one could look?

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Path of Beginners

This is the rough Layout of the Path of Beginners, the area in the game, where you will encounter wild monsters for the first time.
You will be able to encounter three different monsters here, namely Spatzid, Mounce and Wetpole, as well as the first Leaders you can battle.
Also, there are some items hidden here.

Since this is only the rough layout, i have to smoothen it up as well as make it more colorful and such. There is grass thats higher than the normal one, but thats not seeable from this perspective.
Also, there will be some trees as well, not much, just four or five.

So, i hope you like it, and since i'm at it right now, in our game you will encounter monsters everywhere on a map that has encounters.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Weekly Monster #1: Mushipie

So, here we go, like i said, today the first Weekly Monster starts!
Let me present you: Mushipie
Something special as the first one to be presented, this is Mushipie.
You may wonder, what is so special about it?
Well, it is one of the 16 possible Evolutions of Kyupie, to be exact, the Insect-Type Evolution. But we are not here to talk about Kyupie, so more infos on Mushipie right away!
The special thing about Mushipie is that it can have one to seven dots. Each dot represents luck in a specific field: If they have one dot, you get luck in love, two dots mean you have luck in friendship, three dots stand for luck in wealth, four refers to luck with finding things, five mean you have luck in familymatters, six will turn out unlucky things that happen to you as lucky, and seven gives you luck in gambling.
So, try to get all seven Versions and luck will be your servant.
With their stinglike mouth, they suck out juice from fruits or even from trees. Their mouth also works as a nose, while they suck with the tip, they also have small holes all over this "sting" which take in all kinds of smells. It is theorized that each hole takes in a diferent kind of smell, but as of today, this theory couldn't be proved.

Their mating season is spring and early summer. The males have a special mating dance to impress the females. Also, they bring presents like fruits to the females. But this doesn't mean the males take every female they can get, no, from all the females that chose the male through its mating dance, the males choose the female they want with the present they make. After the egg they layed hatched, both parents go their seperate ways. The child that hatches goes with the father if it is male and with the mother if it is female.
The number of dots the parents have does not define the number of dots the child has (if the Kyupie evolves into a Mushipie, that is).

Mushipie seldom leave their territory, but on the other hand, they have a very big one, so they don't really need to. The only way they would do that is, when the food starts to decline.

Their feet doubleact at being antennae with which they can sense all kinds of things. They see everything in only six colours, red, blue, green, yellow, black and white. Things like orange appear to them like either red or yellow, depending on the tone of the color.
They also don't really hear anything, they take the vibration sound makes with their feet and feel the sound, rather than hearing it.

Ok, i think this is enough, so, what do you think?
Did you get interesting infos out of it?
Do you like Mushipie?
I would love to hear your thoughts about it!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

A quiet Flower and an Announcement

With this, i present you the second Head Leader, Lilia Calmefleur!
What can i say about Lilia?
Well, she is a quiet one, doesn't talk much. She is icredibly friendly and values life as the most important thing. She loves to hear the rustling of grass and the chirping of insects.
No wonder that her favourite place are forests.
She became the Forest Head Leader at the age of 20, which is very early. The Forest Head Leader before her chose her because of her great understanding of the live in the forest, which made her the perfect choice for the job.
Her Assistant is having a hard time, since she sometimes stays in the forest for weeks without coming back, so he has to call her everytime someone wants to challenge her. She would like to have her Examination Hall in the woods, without a building at all, but the World Leader Association doesn't allow it, for the obvious Reason of having the Examination Halls attached to a City and for Leaders to have a place to go, instead of searching through all of the Forest to find the Head Leader (even though Exploration IS one of the most important things for a Leader).
She actually isn't from Skola, but her family moved to Skola when she was 14, so she became a Leader as well as a Master in Skola. Her family returned to their home when she was 18, but she decided to stay in Skola.
Her dream is to travel around the world, visiting every forest their is. The reason for her not to do that right now is that she promised her Mentor to become a Head Leader like he was, so she can only leave if she finds someone who can replace her. She doesn't really realize that this won't happen when she's barely home and barely talking to anyone, so that she needs to have luck for someone to come with that exact goal in mind, or for her getting too old (and also too old for fulfilling her dream) and the Association needs to decide on a new one.

So, enough about her, or there will be nothing left for you to discover while playing the game.

But, as the title says, there is an Announcement, or rather, some small ones:

First, remember about Weekly Monster?
I mentioned it in a previous Post and i will start it next week, a new Monster every Tuesday!
Also, every Thursday there will be something new about the game.
We will stop giving you Character Information for now, but rather you will get 3D-Models and Ingame-Screenshots from now on.

And we will be working on a second game!
This isn't because we plan to drop ML, it's more like, sometimes, we need something fresh so that Monster Leader will become good.
This second game will make very slow progress, since our main thing is ML, so we won't give you any infos on it. Maybe it will be finished before Monster Leader, maybe after, i don't know.
All i will give you is the Genre and the Name:
It woll be a Jump'n'Run called Taiyou-kun to Tsuki-chan no Bouken!
If you really want to know more about it, tell us in the comments and i might drop some Info here and there.

Thanks for reading!