Foresoft Games: A quiet Flower and an Announcement

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

A quiet Flower and an Announcement

With this, i present you the second Head Leader, Lilia Calmefleur!
What can i say about Lilia?
Well, she is a quiet one, doesn't talk much. She is icredibly friendly and values life as the most important thing. She loves to hear the rustling of grass and the chirping of insects.
No wonder that her favourite place are forests.
She became the Forest Head Leader at the age of 20, which is very early. The Forest Head Leader before her chose her because of her great understanding of the live in the forest, which made her the perfect choice for the job.
Her Assistant is having a hard time, since she sometimes stays in the forest for weeks without coming back, so he has to call her everytime someone wants to challenge her. She would like to have her Examination Hall in the woods, without a building at all, but the World Leader Association doesn't allow it, for the obvious Reason of having the Examination Halls attached to a City and for Leaders to have a place to go, instead of searching through all of the Forest to find the Head Leader (even though Exploration IS one of the most important things for a Leader).
She actually isn't from Skola, but her family moved to Skola when she was 14, so she became a Leader as well as a Master in Skola. Her family returned to their home when she was 18, but she decided to stay in Skola.
Her dream is to travel around the world, visiting every forest their is. The reason for her not to do that right now is that she promised her Mentor to become a Head Leader like he was, so she can only leave if she finds someone who can replace her. She doesn't really realize that this won't happen when she's barely home and barely talking to anyone, so that she needs to have luck for someone to come with that exact goal in mind, or for her getting too old (and also too old for fulfilling her dream) and the Association needs to decide on a new one.

So, enough about her, or there will be nothing left for you to discover while playing the game.

But, as the title says, there is an Announcement, or rather, some small ones:

First, remember about Weekly Monster?
I mentioned it in a previous Post and i will start it next week, a new Monster every Tuesday!
Also, every Thursday there will be something new about the game.
We will stop giving you Character Information for now, but rather you will get 3D-Models and Ingame-Screenshots from now on.

And we will be working on a second game!
This isn't because we plan to drop ML, it's more like, sometimes, we need something fresh so that Monster Leader will become good.
This second game will make very slow progress, since our main thing is ML, so we won't give you any infos on it. Maybe it will be finished before Monster Leader, maybe after, i don't know.
All i will give you is the Genre and the Name:
It woll be a Jump'n'Run called Taiyou-kun to Tsuki-chan no Bouken!
If you really want to know more about it, tell us in the comments and i might drop some Info here and there.

Thanks for reading!

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