Foresoft Games: Path of Beginners

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Path of Beginners

This is the rough Layout of the Path of Beginners, the area in the game, where you will encounter wild monsters for the first time.
You will be able to encounter three different monsters here, namely Spatzid, Mounce and Wetpole, as well as the first Leaders you can battle.
Also, there are some items hidden here.

Since this is only the rough layout, i have to smoothen it up as well as make it more colorful and such. There is grass thats higher than the normal one, but thats not seeable from this perspective.
Also, there will be some trees as well, not much, just four or five.

So, i hope you like it, and since i'm at it right now, in our game you will encounter monsters everywhere on a map that has encounters.

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