Foresoft Games: Weekly Monster #1: Mushipie

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Weekly Monster #1: Mushipie

So, here we go, like i said, today the first Weekly Monster starts!
Let me present you: Mushipie
Something special as the first one to be presented, this is Mushipie.
You may wonder, what is so special about it?
Well, it is one of the 16 possible Evolutions of Kyupie, to be exact, the Insect-Type Evolution. But we are not here to talk about Kyupie, so more infos on Mushipie right away!
The special thing about Mushipie is that it can have one to seven dots. Each dot represents luck in a specific field: If they have one dot, you get luck in love, two dots mean you have luck in friendship, three dots stand for luck in wealth, four refers to luck with finding things, five mean you have luck in familymatters, six will turn out unlucky things that happen to you as lucky, and seven gives you luck in gambling.
So, try to get all seven Versions and luck will be your servant.
With their stinglike mouth, they suck out juice from fruits or even from trees. Their mouth also works as a nose, while they suck with the tip, they also have small holes all over this "sting" which take in all kinds of smells. It is theorized that each hole takes in a diferent kind of smell, but as of today, this theory couldn't be proved.

Their mating season is spring and early summer. The males have a special mating dance to impress the females. Also, they bring presents like fruits to the females. But this doesn't mean the males take every female they can get, no, from all the females that chose the male through its mating dance, the males choose the female they want with the present they make. After the egg they layed hatched, both parents go their seperate ways. The child that hatches goes with the father if it is male and with the mother if it is female.
The number of dots the parents have does not define the number of dots the child has (if the Kyupie evolves into a Mushipie, that is).

Mushipie seldom leave their territory, but on the other hand, they have a very big one, so they don't really need to. The only way they would do that is, when the food starts to decline.

Their feet doubleact at being antennae with which they can sense all kinds of things. They see everything in only six colours, red, blue, green, yellow, black and white. Things like orange appear to them like either red or yellow, depending on the tone of the color.
They also don't really hear anything, they take the vibration sound makes with their feet and feel the sound, rather than hearing it.

Ok, i think this is enough, so, what do you think?
Did you get interesting infos out of it?
Do you like Mushipie?
I would love to hear your thoughts about it!

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  1. Wow, so much information :) Everybody can see how much work you invested in this. I really hope this game will be successfull!

    I really like the idea with Mushipie's dots :) Very creative :D