Foresoft Games: Weekly Monster #2: Maderony

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Weekly Monster #2: Maderony

First things first: Sorry that i forgot the riddle last time, but from now on you will get one everytime.
So, the second one is somewhat special, too!
I present you:
So, whats so special this time?
Well, it is the evolution of Eleny. And not the only possible one, this one is the Wood-Elemental one.

First, the name. It derives from the spanish word for wood, which is madera, mixed with the word pony.

If the leaves on its head and tail are turning brown, it means it is sick.
When they see a plant that is damaged, they give them nutrients via their urine. This is not the normal urine, but a special mixture rich in nutrients. However, is the plant damaged beyond repair, they will eat it to get the remaining nutrients for themselves.

The roots of the small trees on them are connected with their veins, and their blood is actually mixed with resin. They have two stomachs as well as two oesophagi, one for plants they eat and one for flesh they eat.
The stomach for flesh is very small, since they only eat small Insect-Type Monsters and that only rarely. They mostly need nutrients from plants, so they mostly eat plants. The mix of resin and blood in their veins is about 90/10.

They choose their breeding partner through the size of their trees. This doesn't mean bigger is better, they chose a partner that has a tree that's similar in size on their head and tail. Even though they choose them early, they will not breed before they evolve. Once they chose their partner, they will stay together forever, and even if one dies, they won't get a new one.

So yeah, this is Maderony.
And, as promised, here is the riddle for the next Monster:
"I fly through the night, my blades always ready. Eyes on the front and on the back.
If you see me, you are at fault if you get hurt. My blades are everywhere on my body..."
So, do you have something in mind on how the next one could look?

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