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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Data Structures taking form

Hello everyone, it's mobychan again!

I have made progress on the Data Structures(still the stuff from last time, quite time consuming actually) so far, we can completely design NPCs with following actions:

  • Fighting
  • Giving Items
  • Giving Quests
  • Healing
  • Moving(with or without the player)
  • Asking Questions with multiple answer possibilities
  • Normal Talking
  • Teaching Attacks
  • Trading Monsters(complete with required traits for the monster you give him/her)
  • And Unlocking special articles in the encyclopia and similar stuff
We can combine multiple of these into one "Action Group", meaning you start to talk to an NPC and he can, for example, heal you and immediately after start a fight with you.
Each NPC can have multiple of those "Action Groups" so we can change what he'll says or does depending on your answers to his/her questions or your actions.

Now I'm working on the structures for the Monsters/their Monpedia entries and Items and their effects.
Here we're still working out which effects we want and how they'll work, so it'll take a bit more time.

See you soon, hopefully with some pictures again!

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