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Thursday, August 22, 2013


Problem: We want to have spacious dungeons and such. But what can be done so that it won't get to monotonus?

Answer: The Side-Thought-System!
Okay, bye until next time!

Just kidding, of course i will explain what that is.
Even though there will be different Monsters in every place and dungeon, at a certain point, you will have seen them all. Also, it's just walking, then battle, walking, battle, over and over again until you reach a city or the next point in the storyline. Well, that's the nature of RPGs, so nothing much to change there.
So, how do we get a little more color into it?
With the STS.
What is the STS?
Basically, you will get a little monologue from Higashi or Minami, depending on who you're playing, in form of internal thoughts.
We will try to make these not only as various as possible, but also fitting your Situation.
Here some examples what they could look like:

Imagine you have only one Monster in your Team left. Then this might pop up:
"I should visit a Temple as soon as possible..."

Or you are in the middle of the desert at day:
"Phew, it's hot! My throat feels like Sandpaper!"

And, last but not least, what about returning to Hajimachi after a long time?
"I love travelling, but it's nice to return home sometimes."

How will they look like, won't they interrupt my Game?
Nope, they won't. They might even pop up in battle, but they always will stay at the bottom of the screen, as autotext.
Now, i don't know how much we can actually dub, since we need a lot of people to do that, but we will definitly dub these Site-Thoughts, so you don't have to read it and can just listen to them, to make it more convenient and less distracting.

So, what are your (side)thoughts about this?

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