Foresoft Games: Weekly Monster #3: Fladdermouse

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Weekly Monster #3: Fladdermouse

It's name derives from the german word for Bats, "Fledermaus". "Fladder" sounds like "Fleder" and is "flattern", which means to flutter, in a northern german accent. "Maus" is the german word for mouse.

They can barely see, and in daylight, they are absolutely blind. But, with their noses, they send out sonars all the time, so that they can see everything with their ears. In fact, that sonar reflections form pictures in their brain, like our eyes do with the light refraction.
But they see a little different, they do see colors, but not like us. What they see is a spectrum of grey, the further away something is, the darker is it.
Since they have the ability to not only filter, but completely turning of other sounds than their sonar, most of the time, you can't even trick them with fake noises.

They go out to hunt at night. Their prey are Insect-type Monsters as well as different fruits and even some kinds of flowers.
They live in communities, normally ignoring each other, but they have a silent agreement on not to get in the way of the others, that live in the same cave.
But, if there is a Fladdermouse from another cave, this looks much different. They bunch together and attack the ones from other caves, most often resulting in the death of the territorial intruders. Only in times like this they work together, but if someone from their own cave doesn't find any food, they will rather let him starve to death than sharing with him.

They breed once every season, normally at the beginning of it. They seem to chose their partners just randomly, but only from among their cavemates. When the egg is laid, they glue it onto the caves ceiling with their excrements. They will leave it just there and ignore it, since they are by no means family-creatures. After it hatches, it has to get through on its own. Some will die because they are unable to properly hunt, while those, which learn from looking at the others, will survive.
Strangely, they can fly right after hatching, which means they have that, other than hunting, set in their DNA.

So, please tell me your thoughts about it, and here is the riddle for the next one:
"Swords are it's destiny, but for now, it doesn't wield one.
It can fly and cut. Unseeable at night, a body black like a curse."

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