Foresoft Games: Weekly Monster #3: Kunowlichi

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Weekly Monster #3: Kunowlichi

So, after our vacation, now it is time for the next Weekly Monster!
First, the Picture:

I present to you: Kunowlichi!

It's name is a mixture of owl and kunoichi (female Ninja), and only female Nightowls evolve into them. Their theme is "Owls with Kunai" (typical throwing knives of Ninja).

They are nocturnal and can see at night like humans can at day. While hunting their prey, they throw their kunailike feathers not only to hit the prey, but also to change it's directions to get it into the right spot. Most of the time they don't even kill it with their feathers, but with their claws.
They also have kunailike claws with which they can hang upside-down on trees and such. That, and the ability to turn their heads 360°, lead to them almost never losing their prey.
They also have eyelike symbols on the back of their wings, which tricks enemies from above into thinking they are watched.

Their mating habbits are complicated, since they, as well as their male counterpart, Shinowlbi, only mate with ones that are stronger than them. But it's impossible that both are stronger than the other one, so they basically try to rape the other one, but only if it is via a tough fight. Due to this, only evenlymatched ones mate and they do so before the fight really ends.
After mating, they leave the egg with the stronger one, which hatches it. After it hatches, it will be abandoned and has to live on his own.

So, what do you think?
And here is the hinting for next week:
"Caves are my home, in the night, i fly out of them.
Small is my body, big are my ears and wings.
I come in masses, but i act alone.
I can screech, but you can't hear it."

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