Foresoft Games: Weekly Monster #4: Reigarasu

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Weekly Monster #4: Reigarasu

Okay, so this time we can even show you two pictures! One is the Artwork, the other the 3D-Model we will use In-Game!

The Model...
...and the Artwork, based on the model.

The Name Reigarasu means basically "zerocrow", and that is because it has zero swords. Well, why should it have a sword in the first place?
Well, its evolutions will have swords, but they will come at a later time.

They have extremely good eyes, at least at night, in the day they can't tell red from blue. They always wait until the perfect opportunity arises before they hit their prey, even if they have to watch it for hours. When the time comes, they dash down from their tree and kill it fast with their bladelike wings. Since their feathers are so sharp, theres almost no blood coming out from the wound.

Even though they are able to, in the wild they don't mate before evolution.

They never steal the prey from other Reigarasu, even though they are more of a lone wolf. That doesn't mean they live alone, actually, they do live in swarms, but more like a silent agreement of peace.

When it's day, they normally sleep, and even though their habitat is the sky, their nests are underground. They build them in small hills by shoveling holes into them and then disguising them with branches.

So, nothing really more to say about them, but i hope you like them, see you next time!

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