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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Some Gameplay-Thingies

Phew, Convention away, time to write something new.
The thing we wanted to show isn't quite ready yet, it gave us some minor problems that are easy to solve, but take some time, so i wanna give you some other infos today.

First of all, i'm filling all the monsters with infos. All Monsters that are available in the game are already thought of, but they do need Monpedia entries, how will they evolve, their Hissatsu, Special Attacks, which Personalities they have in the wild etc, and that is what i do right now. And it progresses smoothly.

So, what about the Gameplay-Thingies mentioned in the title?
You know, Monsters have many abilities, and why should these only be usable in battle?
Depending on where you are, you might need a specific type of Monster outside of battle. There is a door, but it's frozen over? Bring a Monster that can use a Fire-Elemental Special Attack and let it melt the ice!
Small sprouts that can turn into vines you can climb? A Plant-Type Monster can help you there!
You might also need a Monster with sharp claws to cut something or with a Water-elemental Special Attack to make a bridge over a Lavariver and such things.
This will sometimes even be necessary to progress in the story.

"But what if there is such an obstacle, but my main team doesn't have a Monster that can destroy it?"
Sure, it would be annoying to change your team every time you wanna go somewhere, but you know what? If you destroyed an obstacle or created a path, it will stay there. You have to do all of this only once, it won't reset! So, yeah, you might have to change around the Monsters in your Team, but you can come back with your main Team and just venture forth, after creating your path!

So, next week, the thing we originally wanted to show will be ready, stay tuned!

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